Products liability: Some toys to think twice about buying

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Every year, a group dedicated to protecting children from dangerous toys dubs a few toys as worst toys of the year. For 2017, 10 toys received this dubious honor. These toys were of a wide variety of types, but there were a couple of common themes that ran through this year’s list.

Some Orange County, California, residents might be able to see how some of the toys were just flat out not safe for anyone, much less small children. One example is a toy device like tightrope that can be used to stretch from tree to tree. While someone with experience balancing on a tightrope might fare okay, the danger of a fall from a significant height is evident.

Another toy which raises some safety questions are rollers that a kid can attach to his or her shoes. While having wheels on shoes is itself not the safest proposition, the supposedly cool, but actually quite dangerous, thing about these wheels is that sparks fly off of them as a child rolls along. Not surprisingly, some toys like nerf guns, rigid plastic swords and toy drones with lots of rapidly moving parts also made the list.

However, there were also many toys with labeling and marketing issues, including insufficient warnings, that appeared on the group’s list. Many of these toys were baby toys which presented choking or strangling hazards. The problem with these toys is that they either had inadequate warnings or were being suggested as a toy suitable even for the youngest children when in fact, such is not the case.

While it is important to remember that this is just one group’s opinion of which toys on the market right now are most dangerous, Orange County parents should still familiarize themselves with this list of toys and make careful shopping decisions. Those parents whose family members have, tragically, lost their lives because of these toys may want to pursue compensation via a wrongful death lawsuit.

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