How safe is vaping?

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You may have started vaping to get the satisfaction of smoking tobacco cigarettes without the health risks. On the other hand, you may be like many who never smoked cigarettes but tried vaping and enjoyed it. Now you and nearly three million people use E-cigarettes, and the number is growing.

Between Sunset Beach and Fountain Valley, there are dozens of vape shops. In these shops, you can buy E-cigarettes, flavored liquids and replacement batteries for your vaping needs. Some vaping advocates tout the benefits of vaping compared to smoking. However, recent incidents have raised concern among users of E-cigs and the general public.

Danger is right in front of your face

Between the years of 2009 and 2014, 25 people suffered injuries from using E-cigs, and rescue personnel have responded to 29 house fires attributed to malfunctioning E-cigs. The injuries people suffer consist mostly of burns when the E-cig unexpectedly exploded. Doctors at burn units across the country are seeing more such injuries, sometimes one every month. It may seem ironic to you that using a product advertised as safer than cigarettes can present such a danger, yet the following information may demonstrate the risk E-cigs present:

  • Currently, no government standards exist for manufacturing vaping devices.
  • Lithium batteries used in the E-cigs can easily malfunction in extreme temperatures, either hot or cold.
  • The small, powerful batteries of your E-cig combined with the shape of the device create potential for a rocket-like explosion.
  • Lithium batteries contain a combustible liquid which may explode if the battery shorts out.
  • Over-charging or speed-charging a battery raises the risk of danger.
  • Lithium batteries may explode even if you remove them from the cig and carry them in your pocket.

In fact, some victims have suffered life-changing burns when vape devices or their batteries ignited in their pockets. Still others received burns on their mouths and faces as well as broken teeth when the devices exploded while they were in use. None of the victims had any warning that such an event was possible. You certainly wouldn’t want to be driving your car when your E-cig explodes!

Until the federal government steps in to establish standards and regulations for E-cig devices, you may feel you have no options. However, if you have been injured by a malfunctioning vape device, you do have rights and recourse to justice. In fact, you may have the best results with a family of attorneys who can advocate for you in civil court.

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