Representing injured motorcyclists after accidents

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Many people in Orange County enjoy riding motorcycles on California’s scenic highways and byways, and they have every right to do so. After all, the rules of the road apply equally to motorcyclists and other motorists, and they each have a legal and even moral obligation to look after each other.

Unfortunately, there are many sad cases in which an inattentive driver simply does not watch out for the motorcyclists on the road and, as a result, causes a serious accident that leaves the motorcyclist permanently disabled or even dead, even if the motorcyclist is wearing a helmet and other protective clothing. When this happens, a motorcyclist, or his or her family, is entitled to compensation for the profound economic and emotional loss.

However, there is still some prejudice against motorcyclists, even among the police and other officials who investigate and determine the cause of an accident. People often assume that because they have seem some bikers not being careful on the highway, it means any accident involving a motorcycle is somehow the motorcyclist’s fault.

This is why it is so important for injured motorcyclists to get legal assistance should they need to file a claim for injuries after an accident. In this respect, our law office has successfully represented injured motorcyclists in getting million-dollar verdicts, even when there was some question about the motorcyclist’s fault. We will confront the stigma motorcyclists have head on, and we will fight for the compensation our clients deserve.

Our office has considerable experience with representing motorcyclists, and we understand what other motorists and their insurance companies might do to defend against paying compensation. We are also willing to pursue all parties responsible for an accident, including, in the right circumstances, the governmental entity in charge of maintaining a defective road.

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