What are the common causes of a motorcycle accident?

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It is not rare for Orange County residents to enjoy a motorcycle ride. Due to pleasant weather year-round, most motorcyclists will ride their bikes throughout the year. While it is common for motorists to share the road with bikers, some drivers fail to take precautions when traveling near a motorcyclist or encountering one on the roadway. Thus, a negligent or distracted driver could easily be the cause of a serious, or even fatal, motorcycle crash.

motorcycle accident is considered a complex event that involves many working parts. In most cases, this tragic event involves the interaction of human errors, multiple vehicles and environmental factors. Although there is no typical type of motorcycle accident, recent statistics suggest that roughly 80 percent of motorcycle collisions result in injuries or death to the motorcyclists or their passengers.

What are the common causes of a motorcycle accident? According the data on motorcycle crashes, about a third of multi-vehicle motorcycle accidents are caused by other motorists turning into the path of the motorcyclists. In other words, the failure to yield to an oncoming motorcycle is the cause of about 33 percent of all motorcycle crashes.

Another reason motorcycle accidents occur is lack of visibility. While motorcyclists are taught that they must attempt to be visible at all times, taking precautionary action does not always prevent an accident due to a driver not seeing a motorcyclist. If motorists fail to check their mirrors and blind spots, they could fail to see motorcyclists traveling next to them. If a driver makes a maneuver into the path of a motorcyclist, this could result in a serious collision.

Even if a helmet and protective clothing is worn, these do not always prevent serious injuries from occurring. In fact, a motorcyclist could suffer catastrophic injuries even when his or her safety gear was properly used.

If a negligent driver caused a motorcycle accident, it is possible to recover recourses. A victim could file a personal injury suit, potentially helping the injured victim recover compensation.

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