Defective equipment can lead to motorcycle accidents

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Drivers in Orange County may be aware of the possibility of a safety defect with their automobiles. When the auto manufacturer learns of this kind of problem, federal regulations require that it takes steps to remedy the problem. In some cases, this may mean issuing a safety recall of the vehicle. For example, people in Orange County may be familiar with the ongoing recall involving vehicles that have Takata airbags. But cars and SUVs are not the only vehicles that can be subject to recalls.

Motorcycles can also have defects that require the manufacturer to issue a recall. In some cases, the company will voluntarily recall the product, in others the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will order the manufacturer to conduct the recall. In either situation, the manufacturer has to file a public report that describes the safety defect and how many vehicles are involved in the recall. The report must also explain the events that led to the recall, the proposed remedy and the schedule for the recall.

In addition to filing a public report about the recall, motorcycle manufacturers must undertake efforts to notify the owners of the affected motorcycles. Federal law also requires that the manufacturer fix the defect at no cost to the owner.

Defective motorcycles, or problems with related equipment like helmets, can pose a major danger to riders. Motorcyclists have little protection as it is, and any kind of added safety issues can make riding unreasonably dangerous.

Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious injuries, like broken bones, which can cause permanent disability to accident victims. Although defective motorcycles can cause accidents, so too can other factors like a negligent driver in another vehicle. When a motorcycle accident victim suffers an injury, he or she should understand his or her legal rights against other parties who may have been responsible for the accident.