We represent victims of bicycle accidents

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Daylight savings time has come and gone and now Orange County residents are finding their days growing dark even before their evening commutes begin. For individuals who commute to work, school, and home on bicycles, new challenges arise in terms of staying safe when the sun is in the sky for shorter durations of the day. When darkness sets in and drivers take to the roads it can be challenging for them to spot bicyclists in their paths before it is too late.

The attorneys of Easton & Easton LLP represent individuals who have been injured in car-bicycle accidents. Bike accident victims can suffer from a range of injuries, from bruises and abrasions to broken bones, spinal injuries and brain damage. In truly tragic situations the victim of such a collision is killed in a bike accident, and in such cases our attorneys can advise the victim’s family members of their right to pursue compensation for their devastating losses.

It can take years for a bike accident victim to recover from the ordeal. In some cases victims of bicycle accidents require long-term care in order to fully rehabilitate their bodies and return to their normal lives. Ongoing medical treatment can be costly and when victims are forced to pay for their own care they are effectively made victims a second time as a result of their involvement in their bicycle accidents.

Though no outcome can be guaranteed, many bicycle accident victims are able to seek damages related to their losses through civil claims. Claims based on personal injury theories of law can support the factual instances of bike accidents and can, when successful, provide victims with the financial recoveries they need to move forward with their lives. To learn more about how civil litigation may help you get past your bike accident, please visit our firm’s website on bicycle accidents.

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