Who is responsible for death from defective products?

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People in Orange County use a variety of different products every day without giving any though to the safety of those products. Products liability law is one of the main reasons why most of these products are generally safe for consumers. In other words, if a product injures someone, they have a right to file a lawsuit. Thus, if a manufacturer produces dangerous products, they could face enormous monetary liabilities and irreparable damage to their reputation.

Despite the economic and legal forces, and government regulations, that lead to most products being safe, occasionally a dangerous product slips through the cracks and reaches the hands of consumers. So who is responsible when someone gets injured or even suffers death from defective products?

Under California law, multiple parties can face liability when a defective product leads to injury. The manufacturer of the product is, of course, the most obvious party that would be responsible. But, products liability law also provides that the seller of the defective product can be liable for injuries that it causes. Furthermore, any other party that is involved in distributing the product and getting it into the hands of the consumer bears some legal responsibility for the product’s safety.

Most products in this country are generally safe because the costs, both reputational and monetary, of potential lawsuits to producers, sellers and distributors of dangerous products are just too high. But, when a consumer sustains injury or loss of life from a defective product, they or their loved ones can pursue legal action against the negligent manufacturer and other parties. Victims also have legal rights when a product’s insufficient warnings lead to injury.

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