Man trapped under weight of cement truck survives

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According to a recent report, a man who was trapped in his passenger vehicle under the weight of a cement truck has, at least to this point, survived the affair. This accident happened in the Los Angeles area. According to the reports, it took police well over half an hour to get the man out of his vehicle after the accident. They first had to lift the front of the cement truck off of the sedan and then cut the roof off the man’s car. He was reportedly pinned by the dash of his car, but remained responsive throughout the rescue. He was hospitalized, and his condition is not known.

The driver of the cement truck also had to go to the hospital after the accident. He appeared to have suffered an injury to his head and was described as being in fair condition. The accident also knocked down power lines and cut off a route of a mass transit system. Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department investigated the crash, but it may take some time before anyone knows the conclusions of the authorities as to what caused this truck accident that left a cement truck on its side.

While there are certainly a lot of questions that will need to be answered about this recent accident, it serves to illustrate how serious truck accidents in California can be. While to this point the victim in the passenger car has amazingly survived, one can easily see how a truck tipping in the course of an accident can prove fatal.

This story only serves to reinforce how important it is for truck drivers to drive at a reasonable speed and pay enough attention so as to avoid any sudden swerves or evasive moves. Should a truck driver fail in this responsibility, the accident victims may be able to get compensation for their losses.

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