California’s basic speed law

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People in Orange County and other parts of Orange County probably recognize, at least in theory, that they are supposed to observe the speed limits signs that they see posted on the roads.

In other words, they realize that if they are traveling over the limit on the sign, the run the risk of getting pulled over and given a ticket.

While they might not want to think about it, if they cause a car accident while traveling over the posted speed limit, then they may also be held accountable for the damages that accident causes.

What some Californians might not realize, however, is that the posted speed limit is on the maximum speed one can travel in ideal conditions, that is, when it is sunny and the road is straight and the traffic light. Other provisions in state law require motorists to slow down when the weather is foggy, rainy, or even just breezy enough where the wind pushes and pulls on one’s vehicle.

Likewise, despite what the posted speed limit says, motorists must slow down if the road itself is unpaved, very narrow or is wet because of a recent rain. A driver must also adjust his or her speed to account for the volume of traffic on the road.

Violating the principle of the basic speed limit just described can also land a person with a fine. Furthermore, someone who is going too fast for the weather, road, or traffic conditions can easily cause an accident, even if they are traveling well below the posted maximum speed limit.

A person who does cause an accident by violating the basic speed limit can be held legally accountable for the injuries they cause.


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