Getting the right help after accidents on Highway 101

2022-01-04T19:01:06+00:00January 9th, 2019|

US Highway 101, commonly known as the Pacific Coast Highway, is one of the relatively few freeways in the country that can rightly be called a popular tourist destination. Heading through coastal Southern California up all the way to border and beyond, the highway includes beautiful ocean views and scenic mountain passes.

Perhaps because it is so crowded, it is also the location of many very serious car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents. Many people share the Pacific Coast Highway, including motorcyclists, drivers of large commercial trucks and buses, bicyclists, hikers and, of course, drivers of private motor vehicles. Any one of these groups can be the victim of, or responsible for, a serious accident on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Our law office is experienced with handling accidents on and near the Pacific Coast Highway. We’ve handled car, truck and motorcycle accidents. We’ve also had the privilege of representing passengers on a bus or other tourist transportation who got hurt in a mass transit accident, perhaps while sightseeing the coastal region of our beautiful state.

In every case, our goal is to make sure our clients get the most compensation to which they are entitled. We seek compensation for things like medical treatment, lost income and non-economic damages, including pain and suffering.

Victims of Pacific Coast Highway accidents need to know their options before agreeing to speak with an insurance claim adjuster, particularly if their injuries are severe or are going to have long-term consequences. We do our best to help victims know what their rights are and know what compensation is possible following an accident.

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