¿Qué es un defecto de fabricación?

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In all facets of life, individuals in California and elsewhere rely on consumer goods to get through their day. Whether it is at work, home or in the general public, consumer goods essentially make life easier. Unfortunately, not all consumer products are created equally. Although the intention is that each product is made the same, if errors are made along the way, a relatively safe product could be deemed dangerous by the time it reaches the hands of the consumer. One of the causes for this are defects caused in the manufacturing phase of a product.

What is a manufacturing defect? In most cases, this is something that the manufacturer did not intend. However, due to an error or defect that occurred in the manufacturing process, the product itself becomes defective. This typically means that there isn’t a defect in the design of the product; however, it is possible to have defects in multiple areas.

While manufacturing defects are relatively uncommon when compared to other product defects, a defective product caused by a manufacturing defect can become very dangerous even when used properly and as intended. Thus, when a consumer is injured because of errors or mistakes made in the manufacturing of a product, it is possible to seek legal recourses for damages and harms suffered.

Following a consumer injury, it is important to take the time to fully understand the situation. These matters can be complex and confusing; however, legal professionals can help guide one through a responsabilidad por productos defectuosos action. These civil suits can help one understand cause, place liability on the party or parties at fault and assist with the recovery of compensation for the losses suffered.


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