Motorcyclist escapes shocking incident on the 91 Freeway

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People who frequently drive on California’s highways may see some strange things every once in a while. Orange County residents may expect to see an odd billboard advertisement from time-to-time, or even strange looking people riding on the highway in strange looking vehicles. But, nobody could expect to see what one man recently noticed while driving one evening on the freeway.

The man was driving east on the 91 Freeway on his way home when he spotted a truck dragging something underneath it. The man mistook it for a dragging automobile part but then quickly realized that it was a person being dragged underneath the truck. Along with other people nearby, the man stopped the truck so that they could rescue the man underneath it.

A firefighter arrived on the scene and jacked the truck up to free the stuck man. An ambulance then took him to a nearby hospital for treatment. Remarkably, he had only minor injuries from the incident.

According to his family members, the injured man had been riding his motorcycle when a car hit him while he was changing lanes. The impact threw the motorcyclist from his bike and eventually underneath the truck. Witnesses said that the truck dragged the man for 10 or 15 yards before the people in the area alerted the driver to stop.

The rider was wearing a helmet and other protective gear, which likely saved him from head injury, broken bones or even worse. However, many riders who are involved in motorcycle accidents are not nearly as lucky. Although the cause of this accident are not entirely clear, similar motorcycle accidents are caused by inattentive drivers. When this happens, the motorcyclist can seek legal recourse from the negligent driver.

Fuente: ABC Eyewitness News, “Motorcyclist dragged under truck on 91 Freeway rescued,” Leanne Suter, May 3, 2015


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