Un semirremolque choca contra unos apartamentos de Fullerton y causa 5 heridos

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Truck drivers are typically very responsible. However accidentes de camión can and do happen. Because of the size and weight of the trucks and the speed at which they travel, truck accidents can be particularly devastating.

A shocking event played out in the early Sunday morning hours at a Fullerton apartment complex. Residents were shocked and terrified when an 18-wheel truck plowed into the side of their apartment complex. No one was killed in the accident that left 5 residents apartment uninhabitable after the crash.

A couple and their two-year-old child were injured in the impact in which the eighteen wheeler burst through the wall of their home. Authorities are investigating the events that led up to the crash. The crash occurred when the tractor-trailer veered off Imperial Highway and smashed into the side, causing an immediate evacuation of all residents for safety concerns. It appears that the truck driver was traveling the speed limit in the moments leading up to the crash.

In addition to bodily injuries, there is extensive damage to the property and the possessions of the residents. It wasn’t mentioned where they were living while their apartments were deemed uninhabitable. An investigation is ongoing.

There are many regulations, both state and federal, that dictate the rules truck drivers and truck companies need to be following. It’s possible that a failure to comply with regulations contributed to the accident and the accident injuries and loss of property. A full investigation is usually conducted to determine more information related to the crash.

Fuente: los.angeles.cbslocal.com, “18-wheel truck plows into apartment building, 5 hurt,” April 30, 2017


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