¿Es negligente un conductor de CA si atropelló a un ciclista en el carril bici?

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Bicyclists are all over California roads, and for good reason. Bicycling has great health benefits, is good for the environment and is over-all a great way to commute to work or to get around in your daily life. When you choose to be a bicyclist, you will inevitably come into contact with motor-vehicles on your daily routes. Some bicyclists end up coming much closer than they bargained for when they are involved in a bicycle accident.

Many California roads offer bike lanes or bike buffer zones that are in place to prevent bicycle accidents from happening. You can recognize a bicycle buffer zone by the buffered space around the bike lane that increases the space between bikes and cars or parked cars. These buffer zones are usually marked with painted strips and sometimes with images of bicycles on the pavement to denote the adjacent bike lane.

Injuries sustained in a accidente de bicicleta can be life altering Beyond the life-changing injury, personal finances can be negatively affected.. Medical expenses can mount after suffering bicycle accident injury. This, compiled with lost wages due to an inability to work can really leave the injured and their family in a bad situation.

The aftermath of a bicycle accident can be confusing and uncharted territory for most. Injured bicyclists may be looking for a responsible party. Oftentimes, if a bicyclist was in the bike lane, the driver of the motor-vehicle could be found negligent for their injuries in the accident. AN experienced lawyer can guide injured victims through the legal process involved in holding someone responsible for their actions.


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