Un conductor negligente puede lesionar a un motorista prudente

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Some people stereotype motorcyclists as reckless people who are not concerned with the safety of themselves or others. Drivers in Orange County may even have experiences where they have observed motorcyclists aggressively changing lanes and zooming in and out of traffic at high speeds. However, as with other stereotypes about people, it is unfair to assume that all motorcycle riders are the same.

Despite what some might think, many motorcyclists in California do not have a death wish. Rather, they simply enjoy riding, and seek to do it in as safe and responsible a manner as possible. Of course even these motorcyclists, who actively take all appropriate safety precautions, are more at risk of serious injuries and death from accidents than are people in cars and trucks.

The attorneys at Easton and Easton know how traumatic a motorcycle accident can be for a rider and their family. Even after surviving any immediate injuries from an accident, the motorcyclist may still face the prospects of a prolonged recovery. Our law firm understands that motorcyclists and their families may have to deal not only with hefty medical expenses related to emergency care and treatment, but also the expenses of long-term care.

When a motorcycle accident is caused by a negligent or speeding, the motorcyclist can pursue legal claims against that driver. As with any other accident, motorcyclists are entitled to recover damages for accidents that someone else caused.

We know that fighting on behalf of injured motorcyclists can sometimes be an uphill battle because people just automatically assume that the rider was at fault. The attorneys at Easton and Easton welcome this kind of challenge. Our website includes information on how we have aggressively fought for the legal rights of motorcyclists in past cases, and how we are committed to helping accidente de moto victims.


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