With warmer weather, we’re watching out for motorcyclists

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The summer months will soon arrive in the Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area, and that will mean even more motorcycles on the road.

In many cases, other motorists simply aren’t watching out for motorcyclists. Despite public awareness campaigns, motorcycle unawareness is still a problem, as many drivers on California roads are either distracted or, even if they are generally good at paying attention, simply don’t have their eyes trained to spot motorcycles.

Sometimes, it may even be fair to say that the government isn’t watching out for motorcyclists either. For instance, motorcycles are particularly sensitive to potholes and other defects in the road that don’t always get attended to promptly. As such, those responsible for maintaining the roads, the local city or the state, can rightly be said to be responsible for some motorcycle accidents.

Additionally, it is unfortunate that some officers who are investigating a motorcycle accident have some prejudice against all motorcyclists, even those who are really not at fault for an accident. This is perhaps because these officers have observed a relatively small number of motorcyclists who were clearly not driving safely.

Los law office has seasoned motorcycle accident attorneys who make it their task to watch out for injured motorcyclists when others have not. We do so by helping them identify the parties at fault for their injuries and, using our legal skill and experience to pursue just compensation from these parties. In doing so, we recognize that motorcycle accident cases can be challenging, and so we have a team of experts that we have relied on to help us achieve successful results for our motorcycle accident clients in the past.


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