When unsafe products claim lives, we can help

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Dealing with loss of life is one of the more difficult things that everyone, at one time or another, experiences. The task becomes even more difficult when the decedent died unexpectedly and due to avoidable circumstances. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of these kinds of deaths. But car accidents are not the only cause of preventable deaths. A defective product can also claim a person’s life unexpectedly.

Prescription medication, for example, can lead to death if the medicine causes unanticipated side effects. Likewise, a new medication can be fatal if it negatively interacts with other medicine that a patient is already taking. This can happen if the developers failed to adequately test the new medication to see how it interacts with a range of other prescription drugs.

Even over-the-counter medicine can be fatal due to the way that it interacts with other chemicals in the body or conditions that a person may have. People with certain blood conditions, for example, cannot safely take aspirin. Likewise, incomplete or ineffective warnings on the medicine’s packaging can lead to the person using the drug in a way that can risk their life. Of course, insufficient warnings are a dangerous problem with regard to any consumer product, not just medication.

Nobody should have to suffer death from defective products or from an improper warning about the dangers of a product. This does happen, however, and it affects people all over the country, including those in Orange County.

Our firm is dedicated to helping people who have to go through tragic events like the death of a loved from a defective product. Our combined experience spans decades of helping victims recover from manufacturers, distributors and sellers of dangerous products. We fight for all of our clients and always seek to achieve the best possible outcome under the circumstances to help victims and their families move forward from a difficult event.


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