Cuando los consumidores sufren daños por productos defectuosos

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By consumer goods and products is a rather routine action for residents in California and elsewhere. In most cases, these products maintain a necessary role in our daily lives and even in society. Therefore, we rely on these consumer goods essentially each and every day. Even when a consumer uses a product as it was intended, unfortunately, products don’t always function as they should. This could cause the product to simply not work at all; however, in some unfortunate cases, a defective product could fall in the hands of a consumer, resulting in serious or fatal injuries.

No one ever expects to be injured by a product, but this unfortunately occurs when defective and dangerous products enter into commerce. While manufacturers are required to warn consumers of certain risks or dangers associated with a product, sometime this duty is not always met.

Therefore, it is important to understand the cause and reason for a defective product injury a consumer. At Easton & Easton, LLP, our dedicated legal team has years of experience dealing with product liability cases. We not only focus on the goals and needs of the injured consumer, our client, but also the interests of all consumers. Keeping a dangerous product on the market could be detrimental to others. Therefore, we work hard to determine if steps, such as a recall, are necessary.

The aftermath of a dangerous product could be tragic. A consumer could suffer serious injuries, resulting in the need to seek medical care and ongoing treatment. Such an incident could also result in mental and emotional pain and suffering as well. Thus, it might be possible to seek compensation for any losses or damages suffered in the matter.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s sitio web sobre responsabilidad por productos defectuosos. While it is ideal that every product we use will be safe and free from defects, design, manufacturing and retail errors occur. Thus, it is important for injured consumer to take necessary steps to protect their rights and interests.


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