Algunos juguetes navideños pueden tener defectos o advertencias insuficientes

2022-01-04T15:51:46+00:0030 de diciembre de 2018|

Not surprisingly, a lot of toys appear on the shelves of stores throughout Orange County during this time of year. Likewise, games and toys for babies and children are widely available online, oftentimes at really good prices. Many of these toys are hot items that will no doubt give a lot of enjoyment to the children who get them during this special time.

However, in the rush to find that perfect Christmas gift, California parents need to be careful that they keep safety in mind. According to one report, there are several toys that can cause choking, strangulation, blindness and other serious injuries and problems that nonetheless are on the market this holiday season.

Many parents might not be fully aware of the dangers these toys present, and the manufacturers’ warnings may do little to help, particularly in the face of clever packaging and marketing that are aimed to make the toys look fun and, of course, perfectly harmless.

For instance, kids can easily get lost in the fun of having a Nerf gun until it is too late and someone has suffered a serious eye injury because of a flying projectile.

In a handful of cases, some of these notably dangerous toys come without warnings. The report described one pull toy that came with a string that is easily long enough to strangle a baby or even a toddler. However, the toy comes with no warnings despite being clearly targeted to a very young audience.

Parents need to use good judgement when selecting toys that are both fun and safe gifts. However, it is ultimately not their responsibility to be sure a toy is safe enough to be on the market. That responsibility belongs to the toys’ manufacturers. When companies fail in this responsibility, victims can ask for compensation through a responsabilidad por productos defectuosos demanda.


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