How prevalent are serious bike accidents?

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Bicycling is a common mode of both transportation recreation for many people in the Orange County area. As the New Year gets under way, some people may have even included biking in their resolution to exercise more during 2015. Regardless of a person’s reason for riding a bicycle, the rider should always remember the importance of safety while riding. Drivers in motor vehicles must also prioritize safety and look out for bicyclists on the roads.

While bicycle riders and most drivers know that safety is important, they might not realize just how common serious bike accidents can be. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for example, 726 bicyclists died in accidents with motor vehicles in 2012. In addition to the alarming number of fatalities, an estimated 49,000 riders suffered injuries in just that one-year period.

Although many parents may worry about their children riding their bikes on streets around the neighborhood, adults are actually more at risk of suffering a fatal accident. The data shows that 43 was the average age of bicyclists who were killed in accidents with motor vehicles.

Like any other kind of accident, it is impossible to prevent all serious bicycle accidents from occurring. However, by wearing appropriate safety gear and always paying attention to traffic in the area, bikers can give themselves the best possible chance of avoiding severe injuries while bicycling. Equally as important, drivers in motor vehicles must watch for riders and yield to them at appropriate times.

Everyone on the road should do all that they can to reduce the number of bike accident victims. Orange County residents can make 2015 the safest year yet for bicycle safety.

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