You may have started vaping to get the satisfaction of smoking tobacco cigarettes without the health risks. On the other hand, you may be like many who never smoked cigarettes but tried vaping and enjoyed it. Now you and nearly three million people use E-cigarettes, and the number is growing.

Between Sunset Beach and Fountain Valley, there are dozens of vape shops. In these shops, you can buy E-cigarettes, flavored liquids and replacement batteries for your vaping needs. Some vaping advocates tout the benefits of vaping compared to smoking. However, recent incidents have raised concern among users of E-cigs and the general public.

Danger is right in front of your face

People have suffered injuries from using E-cigs explosions and rescue personnel have responded to house fires attributed to malfunctioning E-cigs. The injuries people suffer consist mostly of burns when the E-cig unexpectedly exploded. Doctors at burn units across the country are seeing more such injuries, sometimes one every month. It may seem ironic to you that using a product advertised as safer than cigarettes can present such a danger, yet the following information may demonstrate the risk E-cigs present:

  • Currently, no government standards exist for manufacturing vaping devices.
  • Lithium batteries used in the E-cigs can easily malfunction in extreme temperatures, either hot or cold.
  • The small, powerful batteries of your E-cig combined with the shape of the device create potential for a rocket-like explosion.
  • Lithium batteries contain a combustible liquid which may explode if the battery shorts out.
  • Over-charging or speed-charging a battery raises the risk of danger.
  • Lithium batteries may explode even if you remove them from the cig and carry them in your pocket.

In fact, some victims have suffered life-changing burns when vape devices or their batteries ignited in their pockets. Still others received burns on their mouths and faces as well as broken teeth when the devices exploded while they were in use. None of the victims had any warning that such an event was possible. You certainly wouldn’t want to be driving your car when your E-cig explodes!

Until the federal government steps in to establish standards and regulations for E-cig devices, you may feel you have no options. However, if you have been injured by a malfunctioning vape device, you do have rights and recourse to justice. In fact, you may have the best results with a family of attorneys who can advocate for you in civil court.

Vape pen explosions: When a healthier life choice turns hazardous

After numerous attempts to cut back on or stop smoking cigarettes, many people have taken to alternative forms of relief, such as vape pens. While the decision to switch to an electronic cigarette could stem from a wish to improve your health, there may also be a certain level of risk involved, which might not appear on the warning label.

A company might be reluctant to inform potential customers of the risk of explosion in e-cigarettes, but as a consumer, you have a right to know about the dangers you face. If a defective vape pen causes you to suffer serious injuries, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

Vape pens and the risk of explosion

Electronic cigarettes first hit the market around a decade ago, and they increase in popularity with each passing year. However, there are real and unexpected risks associated with vape pens:

  • Explosion during charging: Many explosions in electronic cigarettes occur during the charging process. When charging such a device, it is advisable to use the proper equipment, as a substitute may increase the risk of explosion.
  • Lithium battery: Like most cell phones, many e-cigarettes use powerful lithium batteries to increase battery life and to keep the device charged longer. While this may prove exceedingly convenient at times, these batteries are also more prone to bursting into flames than less powerful alternatives.
  • Faulty device: Although certain brands and types of vape pens might inherently be safer than others, flaws in the manufacturing process can make even the safest devices dangerous.
  • Severe injury: Even a small-scale explosion can cause serious burn injuries, especially if the device is in your pocket, hand or mouth at the time.

While this may seem rare, vape pen explosions are much more common than you might think, and each incident can be exceedingly dangerous. If you are one of the many people injured by a vape pen, it’s a good idea to speak with someone with experience in this area of personal injury law.

How safe are the vape batteries in your pocket?

Many people throughout the nation have gotten heavily into vaping. Although your reasons for trying e-cigarettes may be different from another person’s, a lot of vape smokers say the thing that won them over to start was the lack of smoky odor. Not many people actually enjoy the smell of tobacco cigarettes. If your e-cigarette has any scent at all, it’s likely only a residual aroma of the flavored vape oil you’ve put in your device.

Vape users also cite other reasons for switching to e-cigarettes, such as they cost less, are apparently not as habit-forming and carry less potential for adverse side effects on your health. However, there’s a growing concern among vapers regarding possible safety hazards having to do with spare batteries. The more you know about how to avoid battery explosions, the better. It’s also good to know there are support networks in place to help you seek recovery for your losses if an injury occurs.

Develop good safety habits to avoid battery injury

It doesn’t seem like carrying a small, replacement battery around in your pocket should be a dangerous thing to do. Surprisingly, there’s evidence to suggest that if certain types of batteries touch other metallic objects in your pocket, a spontaneous explosion may occur. The following list provides tips to lower your injury risk:

  • If you plan to carry batteries with you, it’s always best to keep them in a case. This prevents them from coming into contact with other items in your pocket. You never want vape batteries to touch keys, coins or similar objects in your pocket, purse or other location.
  • When you buy a car or other big-ticket item, you may research various brands available before choosing the one you want. If you do the same before buying a vaping device, it may prompt you to purchase one with special safety features, such as those with mechanisms to protect the devices from overcharging.
  • Even if your phone or tablet charger fits into your vaping device, it’s always best to avoid using any charger other than the specific one that came with your device or a replacement meant for your device.
  • Always immediately replace damaged batteries as well as those that happen to get wet.

Most people who use vape devices may not know that it’s potentially dangerous to use old and new batteries together. If you have questions regarding which batteries work best for your particular device or what the latest recommendations for safety are, you can contact the manufacturer.

If you suffer injury because a vape battery explodes in your pocket or some other vaping mishap occurs that you believe happened because of poor design or another device flaw, you can reach out for support from someone well versed in personal injury law to seek appropriate restitution.

Don’t let recovery options evaporate following vape pen injuries

A few decades ago, the adverse health effects associated with smoking cigarettes were not widely known. Fast forward to the time when scientific investigation proved that medical dangers exist not only if you smoke cigarettes but even if you are exposed to second-hand smoke. The U.S. Attorney General ordered that cigarette manufacturers place a warning on all cigarette packages. Like many others in California, you may have been thrilled to learn about vape pens as alternatives to traditional, tobacco-rolled cigarettes.

These portable electronic devices were quick to catch on. Whether you’re a medical marijuana patient, a smoker trying to kick a cigarette habit or simply curious to give vaping a try, you may have gone online or to an authorized marijuana dispensary to purchase your first pen. As with many other products, as time goes on, questions are surfacing as to whether vape pens are entirely safe for those who use them. If you plan to make it a habit, you’ll want to research the topic ahead of time.

Beware of potential dangers liquids in vape pens

There’s some concern about the liquid inside the cartridges that attach to vape pens. Although you’d likely agree with most people who say vaping is healthier than actually inhaling smoke, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly research potential risks before deciding whether to use such products. It’s also a good idea to seek understanding of product liability laws in case an injury occurs. The following list contains useful information regarding possible vape pen hazards:

  • China is the chief manufacturer of most vape pen products. The problem with that is that there is little regulatory control over marketing and utilization.
  • The batteries that operate vape pens to heat the oils inside can transform solvents, flavoring agents and other materials at high temperatures.
  • This transformation may result in carcinogenic or toxic material.
  • Propylene glycol mixes with cannabis or hemp oils in many vape pens and nicotine-infused electronic cigarettes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says humans can safely consume this chemical; however, ingesting it may pose a great risk for harm. At high temperatures, it can break down into polymers that adversely affect lung tissue.

Just because something is safe for you to eat doesn’t mean it is also safe to breathe. You may have heard that vaporizing systems that use whole plant cannabis poses less health risk than vape pens. The fact is that the jury’s still out because there simply isn’t enough data available yet from analysis of mainstream users regarding possible long-term consequences.

In addition to potential health risks, there have been stories of vape pens exploding in people’s pockets because of lithium-ion batteries. The bottom line is that if you suffer illness or injury you believe is connected to vape pen use, you may want to discuss this with your doctor as well as someone who knows the ins and outs of the civil justice system.

Preventing vape pen explosions and where victims can seek support

A recent trend in the use of electronic cigarettes and vape pens has ignited a debate about their safety. Some of these products may very well be safe, but others, imported from overseas manufacturers who adhere to dubious safety standards, are less so. Vape pen explosion are becoming more prevalent; however, when armed with a little knowledge, you can significantly increase the odds of keeping yourself out of harm’s way.

There are certain vape pens and electronic cigarettes that have the potential to explode while the person is using them, and they can then ignite other flammable items in their vicinity. This poses an immediate and secondary danger to individuals affected within the vicinity. Luckily, awareness of the issue is on the rise with the public and with manufacturers and regulators.

Rise in the use of vape pens

Since vape pens do not use combustion, thus some individuals feel that they pose less of a health risk than combustible cigarettes. While the health benefits are still being studied and hotly debated, there is no question that more and more people are using the devices.

Why do vape pens explode?

If a vape pen explodes, a reduced risk of cancer and emphysema is probably your last concern. The devices are prone to explosion because they use lithium ion batteries. Some of the batteries are unsafe and can discharge when used improperly. Proper storage of the batteries is also important. Some explosions have occurred due to improper storage of the battery in a pocket with other metal items or spare batteries.

Learn to protect yourself

As a consumer, you can protect yourself by choosing reputable brands that also bear the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) mark on the battery. Following proper charging practices can be vital to your safety as well. However, some argue that if the lithium ion batteries are still used, there will always be a risk of explosion.

Even though the risk is statistically small, no person wants to risk loss of life and limb to defective products. One individual reportedly lost seven teeth and suffered facial burns when a vape pen that he was using exploded, and some of these devices have been banned in certain locations. If you or a loved one was a victim to a defective vaporizing device, acquiring an attorney who is experienced in handling these matters may be your best option toward seeking the restitution to which you are entitled.