Head on crash injures two and starts brush fire

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As any motorist in California can attest, the roadways can be a very busy place. Even at times when traffic is light, the dangerous of road travel are always apparent. One simple act of negligence or recklessness could result in a serious crash that harms a victim and causes much damage. Thus, it is important to explore the cause of a crash, as it can help illustrate responsibility and open up the possibilities of recovering compensation for losses suffered.

According to recent reports, a head on collision occurred on Highway 154 in Santa Barbara. The crash occurred during the afternoon hours near the intersection with San Marcos/Painted Cave Road. The California Highway Patrol responded to the crash. It was reported that two people were injured in the crash, one with minor injuries and the other with serious injuries.

The impact of the crash caused on of the vehicles to start on fire. This resulted in the fire to spread to nearby brush. Emergency crews responded to the vegetation fire, and no injuries related to the fire were reported. The details of the crash have not been reported at this time, and authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash. This information can help explain how the accident happened and whether an injured victim can hold a negligent party accountable for the injuries suffered.

The aftermath of an automobile collision can be gruesome. This is especially certain in a head-on crash, as many victims in this type of crash will suffer grave injuries. Thus, it is important that accident victims explore their rights and options following a car accident. A personal injury action could be a very valuable step to take. This civil suit could help in the recovery of a monetary award to address injuries, ongoing medical care and financial losses caused by the accident.

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