Anaheim is one of the busiest metropolitan areas of California. As such, it has one of the highest accident rates of all cities in California. In fact, between 2010 and 2018, the city of Anaheim had the highest rate of intersection-related crashes resulting in injuries and deaths than any other city in Orange County. An experienced Anaheim car accident attorney can provide legal advice if you believe a recent intersection accident occurred because of another driver’s negligence.

Which Intersections Are the Most Dangerous in Anaheim?

Harbor Boulevard is the major north-south thoroughfare in Anaheim’s city, extending from Powder Canyon to the north to Newport Beach to the south. Harbor Boulevard is one of the busiest roads in Anaheim and a commonplace for intersection accidents to occur. However, two intersections on Harbor Boulevard are statistically more dangerous than the rest.

The intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue was the scene of 32 accidents resulting in 50 total injuries. The intersection of Harbor Boulevard and La Palma Avenue was the scene of 31 intersection crashes resulting in 53 injuries during the same timeframe. The intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue is technically the more dangerous of the two based on the fact that more serious injuries occurred at this location than at Harbor Boulevard and La Palma.

Many Anaheim residents travel on Harbor Boulevard every day. Drivers must use extra caution in these areas. Many have suffered along this stretch due to the negligence of other drivers.  Intersection accidents can happen for many different reasons, and it’s essential to know one’s options whenever an intersection accident of any kind occurs in the Anaheim area.

When Can I Take Legal Action for an Intersection Accident?

Intersections are common places for accidents to occur due to many possible factors:

  • Crowded intersections can make visibility difficult, especially when a driver is attempting to make a left turn and the opposing lane of traffic is not entirely visible.
  • Some drivers fail to stop for red lights and stop signs. When they do, opposing traffic with the right-of-way may not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision. Drivers who commit these moving violations and cause accidents are often caught on a traffic camera, aiding injured drivers in proving their liability.
  • Failure to signal when turning or changing lanes near an intersection can easily cause a severe accident. For example, suppose an intersection has a “right turn only” or “left turn only” lane. A driver suddenly realizes they are in the wrong lane. If they attempt to correct at the last second, it can easily cause a serious collision with an unsuspecting driver in the adjacent lane.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) can impair a driver’s reaction time and judgment, causing them to misjudge speed and distance. This can cause all types of intersection accidents, from failure to brake when a light is about to change to red or failing to slow down for vehicles slowing in front.

While two Harbor Boulevard intersections may hold the top spots in terms of the most dangerous intersections in the area, drivers and pedestrians alike must use caution at every intersection they encounter while driving in Anaheim.

Taking Legal Action After an Intersection Accident

If you or a loved one sustained injury in an intersection accident, an Anaheim car accident attorney can assist you in determining your best available legal options. If you believe the accident in question happened because another driver failed to use reasonable care, call our office. There are several ways your attorney can help you prove their liability and establish the full range of the damages you can claim.

Most car accidents lead to insurance claims. California’s fault-based rules for car accidents means that an injured driver may file an insurance claim against an at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy for coverage after an accident. An attorney can help gather evidence like traffic camera data and vehicle computer data to establish the other driver’s liability. This evidence could also prove useful in other ways, especially if an insurance claim does not provide enough recovery to fully compensate a victim’s losses.

One positive aspect about intersection accidents from a legal perspective is that physical evidence and eyewitness testimony are typically abundant, making it much easier for an injured driver to establish liability for any damages they incur from an intersection accident. If you believe a recent intersection accident occurred due to another driver’s failure to act with reasonable care, contact the Anaheim car accident attorneys at Easton & Easton and schedule a consultation with our team.