What makes drinking and driving so dangerous?

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Drunk driving is a problem in every state in the nation, including California. While many individuals generally know that mixing alcohol with driving is a dangerous idea, not everyone knows why this combination often has deadly results. This post will cover some of the effects that alcohol has on the body and how those effects may impact driving abilities, but readers should remember that this post does not provide any legal or medical advice.

When a person drinks alcohol they may experience effects on their physical and emotional conditions. Alcohol can slow a person’s reflexes and blur their vision. Their coordination may be impacted by the presence of alcohol in their body and they may also have slowed reaction times to objects that appear before them.

Alcohol can change a person’s mood and may impact their confidence. They may become more careless and more likely to take risks with alcohol in their system. They may be less likely to temper their impulses and may make poor decisions when operating their vehicles. Drivers who are impaired by alcohol may be erratic, difficult to avoid, and unpredictable for other motorists.

Drunk drivers are a menace to cities throughout Southern California. Though many state and federal initiatives have decreased instances of drunk driving, still too many individuals are harmed in these preventable accidents each year. Drunk driving accident victims do not have to deal with their legal questions and concerns on their own. They may choose to seek help from personal injury advocates who support car accident victims in Orange County and their legal needs.

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