Legal guidance for complex truck accident cases

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When truck accidents are reported on local California news programs, they often show the devastation that can result when massive vehicles are involved in collisions with smaller personal vehicles. A truck accident can result in massive personal and property damages, serious injuries, and even fatalities. Many truck accidents are caused by truck driver negligence and omissions committed by trucking companies.

However, truck accident cases cannot and should not always be handled like regular motor vehicle accident claims. Though there may be similarities between truck accidents and car accidents, complex issues concerning commercial vehicle-specific regulations, licensing, truck and business ownership, and other matters can make truck accident cases significantly more involved.

For example, a personal injury lawsuit filed after a truck accident needs to include all possible defendants. Aside from the driver of the truck in question, defendants may include the owner of the truck, the business that paid to have the truck carry its goods, and any insurers who cover other parties attached to the truck. Having an attorney who recognizes the differences between truck accident claims and other vehicle accident cases may make a difference in a victim’s outcome.

The law firm of Easton & Easton takes pride in supporting individuals who have suffered harm as a result of damaging truck accidents. They work to build strong, evidence-based cases for their clients and zealously pursue their rights to seek the best possible outcomes for them. Though no outcome can be guaranteed when a personal injury claim is litigated, strong representation can give victims confidence and support as they fight to become whole.

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