Driver negligence and the occurrence of bike accidents

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Bicycle accidents can be dangerous incidents that cause victims serious injuries and even fatal harm. When a motor vehicle strikes a bicycle and its rider, that rider may suffer a range of injuries from their impact with the car, the road, and other surfaces in their path. Victims of bike accidents should seek medical help after their collisions to ensure that their health is properly assessed.

When a California resident is struck by a vehicle while riding their bike, they may wish to learn more about what they can do under the law to get back what they have lost. Losses can be financial, such as lost wages and medical bills, but they can also be emotional and physical in nature. These losses can add up fast to negatively impact victims’ abilities to care for themselves.

Litigation based on negligence may be an option for bike accident victims in this situation. Negligence is a legal theory that suggests that a person failed to meet their duty of care to others. When a person drives on a road, they have a duty to themselves and others to act reasonably and make reasonable decisions about how they will operate their car. If they choose to drink and drive, drive while distracted, break traffic laws, or engage in other dangerous practices, they may fail in their duty and commit negligence.

Negligence committed by motorists causes bike accidents that result in harm to victims throughout the state. When these often preventable accidents happen, victims can choose to learn more about their rights. Personal injury attorneys in Orange County and throughout Southern California are available to guide their clients through the legal system as they pursue their losses and damages.

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