Distracted driving happens most often in the summer

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While distracted driving happens throughout the year, a recent study suggests that it is more common for people to drive distracted during the summer months. Specifically, the study found that, relative to other months, the frequency of distracted driving increases by 10 percent during June, July and August.

In practical terms, on average, about 40 percent of drivers on California’s roads in the summer are going to be distracted for at least 15 minutes for every hour they drive. For reference, 15 minutes is about half the length of a short television show or the evening news.

It is a long time for a person to have their eyes off of the road, especially when it only takes a split second of inattentiveness to cause a fatal motor vehicle accident.

Those who were familiar with the results of the study suggested that the spike in distracted driving over the summer months could be attributed to two factors. First, since school is out of session, younger drivers who would normally be in high school or college are free and available to drive to work or other activities. Since they are on the road more, these drivers have more opportunity to engage in distracted driving.

Also, drivers of all ages are driving outside of the Los Angeles area and Orange County for vacations, weekend trips and the like. For whatever reason, perhaps because they are looking up directions, people who are going to unfamiliar sites or using new roads tend to engage in texting and driving or other behaviors that cause distractions.

Drivers in Orange County would do well to be especially alert for distracted driving during these warmer months. If they are involved in an accident with a distracted driver, they may have the option of pursuing the driver for compensation.

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