Negligence and other factors put California drivers among worst

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When researchers assess driver behaviors and study statistics to determine the safest and most dangerous areas in the United States, there are many factors that are considered. To be as accurate as possible, the numbers must be quantified after they have been accrued. With that, it is a worrisome result when a new study said California is among the worst when it comes to safe driving.

This information can be important when there is an auto accident with injuries or a fatal auto accident. Having legal advice to investigate the case is imperative. The study by Smart Asset placed California as having the third worst drivers in the U.S. behind Mississippi and Alabama. The numbers that led to this placement are troubling.

A significant number of drivers in California exceed the speed limit and get many traffic tickets. It is obvious that if drivers are speeding or flouting the law in other ways, it will be harder for them to stop in slow traffic or if an unforeseen event occurs. In addition, speed increases the damage that comes with a crash. The state came in sixth in that category. Also, only 84.80 percent of drivers are insured.

Another concern is the number of DUIs that are given in the state. For every 1,000 drivers, there were 4.59 DUIs. This is among the highest in the nation. Alcohol can reduce reaction time and cause people to make decisions they otherwise would not have made. After a crash, there can be major medical expenses, lost time at work and even fatalities. These levels of negligence come with a cost and people who have been hurt in a collision should be cognizant of that.

Those who have been in an auto accident or lost a loved one in a crash should think about these statistics as they can be critical to a successful legal filing. A law firm that has experience in helping Californians after an auto accident should be consulted with to determine the preferable course of action in pursuing a lawsuit.

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