Some blood pressure meds containing carcinogenic impurity

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Many people in Orange County, California, might not be able to survive without their blood pressure medication, or, at least, not be able to live for as long. Chronic high blood pressure can contribute to an untimely death, and a severe spike in blood pressure is a medical emergency.

This is one reason why a recent set of recalls that now are affecting common blood pressure medications is a scary prospect. According to reports, these medicines contain an important ingredient called valsartan. Valsartan is manufactured in plants all over the world.

Unfortunately, in some of these plants, the drug being provided contains an impurity that is likely to cause cancer. At this point, because of the importance of blood pressure medication to so many, the Food and Drug Administration, which was involved in this recall, does not recommend that people stop taking the drug immediately.

While the most recent recall of this drug is made in India, there have been prior recalls of the same medication that was produced out of China.

The recalls have caused some experts to question whether there has been adequate quality control oversight in plants that produce this drug overseas, as staffing problems and other issues often lead to the taking of shortcuts in the manufacturing process.

In any event, one can only hope that the issue was caught early enough so that relatively few Californians do not wind up in the bind of either going without blood pressure medicine or being exposed to the possibility of cancer. Those who do get hurt because of this or other problems related to drug manufacturing may have the option of filing a products liability case.

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