More bad news for electric scooter distributers

2020-09-01T11:35:58+00:00November 22nd, 2018|

As readers of our blog know, we have been following recent stories about safety concerns surrounding the electric scooters that many residents of Orange County have seen zipping around Los Angeles and its many suburbs and satellite cities. The latest story involves another recall. Lime, one of the distributers of these scooters, recently announced that it was pulling several vehicles from the streets based on concerns that the scooters could suddenly break apart from underneath the feet of their riders.

As a previous post reported, Lime recently had to recall thousands of its scooters across the country because of a documented fire hazard. This recall pertained to a different model of scooter made by a different manufacturer than those scooters which are the target of the latest recall.

There have been some concerns expressed that Lime, and other distributers of these scooters as well, are not taking safety concerns as seriously as they should. For instance, some close to the situation have suggested that Lime’s management has known about the tendency of some scooters to crack for weeks or even months and did not pursue this information with sufficient vigor. Lime officially acknowledged the cracking problem a few weeks back, suggesting that the issue was largely due to riders abusing the scooters by, for example, riding them over curbs at a high speed.

This latest development again serves to remind Los Angeles residents that when anyone, whether an electric scooter company or otherwise, puts a product out on the market, they are assuming responsibility for the safety of those who use it. Those who have been injured on account of a failure of one of these scooters may have a valid product liability claim.

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