Lime pulls scooters due to potential fire hazard

2020-09-01T11:45:31+00:00November 15th, 2018|

A previous post on this blog talked about some of the dangers the electric scooters one can now find zipping around Los Angeles and its Orange County satellite cities present both to riders and to other members of the public. To follow up on that post, Lime, one of the major distributors of these scooters, recently pulled thousands of its products from the streets of cities in the area and across the country. Apparently, some of these scooters have a tendency to catch fire, particularly if the casing holding their batteries has been damaged.

There have been reports of batteries starting to smolder and, in some cases, even catch on fire. While thankfully no one has been reported injured as a result of a scooter fire, it just goes to reinforce that this new transportation trend comes with some considerable risks.

Lime itself even acknowledged that it may have to recall additional scooters, as the company claimed it was being particularly cautious with respect to the safety of the products it distributes. Reports coming from within the company, however, suggested that even its own employees have some reservations about the safety of these products. The manufacturer of the products, for its part, did not want to comment on Lime’s actions.

This recent development serves as an opportunity to reiterate that the manufacturers and distributors of these products have an obligation to the California public to make sure that these products are safe. To the extent that they cannot be perfectly safe, these companies must warn customers of the residual danger. If they fail to do so, and if a person gets injured as a result, the victim may be able to file a product liability claim.

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