Lawsuit filed against electric scooter companies

2020-09-01T11:50:16+00:00November 10th, 2018|

A previous post on this California blog talked about how the newest transportation trend, electric scooters that pedestrians can pick up and drop off as they travel through crowded areas, poses hazards to riders and those with whom these scooters share the roads and sidewalks. This post mentioned that several people had been injured by these devices, often because they were not equipped with a helmet or because they did not receive instruction about how to operate the device.

Now, it seems that some of the victims of these accidents are taking action, as a group of nine of them have filed a class action lawsuit in Los Angeles County. The lawsuit names both the manufacturers of the scooters and those companies which distribute them as defendants.

Among other allegations, the lawsuit says the distributors of the scooters were grossly negligent in that they dispersed the vehicles in such a way that it was highly likely people would get hurt as a result. Hundreds of people, both riders and pedestrians whom these riders have hit, have reported injuries on account of these scooters. Many of these injuries are significant and include the loss of teeth, as well as soft tissue injuries. A handful of people across the country have died while traveling on these scooters.

It is obviously still too early to tell what the outcome of this lawsuit will be as the companies responsible for these scooters have denied responsibility and suggested that the real safety problem is with automobile traffic. However, the lawsuit serves as an important reminder that a products liability claim may be available to victims of these potentially dangerous vehicles.

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