Latest transportation fad may be dangerous

2020-09-01T11:55:48+00:00October 4th, 2018|

In California as well is in other parts of the country and the world, electric scooters are becoming a transportation craze. Although it might be fun to travel over 10 miles per hour on a scooter, they have also proven to be dangerous, as several people, including several in California, have suffered significant injuries on account of these scooters. Some of these incidents involved injuries to the head, which can leave a person suffering permanent disabilities.

There are several reasons why these scooters are particularly dangerous. For one, many people ride them without a helmet for protection, even if they would ordinarily wear a helmet to ride a traditional motorcycle or bicycle. Moreover, there seems to be a lack of training for would-be riders; at this juncture and in many locations, a person can simply hop on a scooter and go, even though the scooter goes the speed of a slow-moving car.

Finally, many injuries get reported when the scooters have a technical failure in the middle of a person’s ride. For example, many victims have reported injuries after the accelerator on the scooter got stuck or the brakes failed to work.

These scooters are relatively new technology, so the legal landscape has yet to account for them fully. Still, the manufacturers of these scooters have an obligation to provide products that are safe for the public.

When these scooters malfunction, whether on account of a design flaw or a manufacturing defect, those who get injured as a result may be able to obtain compensation for their losses through a products liability claim.

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