Representing motorcyclists who suffer brain injuries

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Even when they wear a helmet, Orange County motorcyclists who get hit while traveling on the roads in or around Orange County can easily suffer a serious traumatic brain injury. Given the size difference between a car and a motorcycle and the fact that a motorcyclist does not benefit from the protection of a closed vehicle, a bad blow to the head either from the other vehicle or even from the road is a real possibility.

The resulting traumatic brain injury can be life-altering, which is why many victims and their families entrust their motorcycle accident cases to our law office. Without the right help, it is very easy for a family to underestimate exactly how much their lives will change in the wake of a brain injury and how much that injury will cost. As a result, they may wind up agreeing to a settlement that is great for the insurance companies, but not so good for the victim.

Brain injuries will no doubt lead to significant medical bills, and these can be ongoing expenses depending on what treatment and care a person needs. In addition to getting treatment for physical injuries, the victim may need occupational therapy and other treatment to help overcome some of the mental and emotional fallout from a brain injury. We do our best to help victims and their families make sure that the person responsible for the accident pays these bills.

Additionally, even a minor to moderate brain injury can leave a person unable to work for months, assuming that they will be able to remain in their profession at all following their accident. A victim or a victim’s family must factor in lost wages as part of their overall costs, and our attorneys will help them do so.

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