Holding California’s distracted Uber drivers accountable

2020-09-02T07:15:11+00:00May 17th, 2018|

A previous post on this blog discussed how California lawmakers are taken yet another legal step toward cracking down in distracted drivers, both in the Los Angeles area and throughout the rest of the state. As this blog has discussed, while texting and driving and cell phones are a problem, there are other common sources of distracted driving. Any one of these distractions could lead to a serious accident, even fatality.

For instance, with the continued and growing popularity of ridesharing, there have unfortunately been many residents who have fallen victim to distracted Uber drivers. Uber drivers, being ordinary citizens, who may even have other jobs, are not professional motorists and, as such, may not have the same training and experience, or be subject to the same rules and oversight as professional drivers.

As a result, they can easily get distracted by the Uber app. In a rush to pick up a would-be passenger and homing in exclusively on the pick-up location, an Uber driver can easily strike a pedestrian or hit another vehicle. Sometimes, even the Uber app can take the eyes of a driver off the road for long enough to cause a serious accident.

Fortunately, our state’s laws protect the public from negligent Uber drivers by requiring additional insurance coverage. Still, this does not mean that these drivers and their insurance companies will not fight to avoid paying the compensation that they owe to accident victims. Our law office has helped many victims of such drivers obtain compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and other losses and expenses.

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