How safe are the vape batteries in your pocket?

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Many people in California and throughout the nation have gotten heavily into vaping. Although your reasons for trying e-cigarettes may be different from another person’s, a lot of vape smokers say the thing that won them over to start was the lack of smoky odor. Not many people actually enjoy the smell of tobacco cigarettes. If your e-cigarette has any scent at all, it’s likely only a residual aroma of the flavored vape oil you’ve put in your device.

Vape users also cite other reasons for switching to e-cigarettes, such as they cost less, are apparently not as habit-forming and carry less potential for adverse side effects on your health. However, there’s a growing concern among vapers regarding possible safety hazards having to do with spare batteries. The more you know about how to avoid battery explosions, the better. It’s also good to know there are support networks in place to help you seek recovery for your losses if an injury occurs.

Develop good safety habits to avoid battery injury

It doesn’t seem like carrying a small, replacement battery around in your pocket should be a dangerous thing to do. Surprisingly, there’s evidence to suggest that if certain types of batteries touch other metallic objects in your pocket, a spontaneous explosion may occur. The following list provides tips to lower your injury risk:

  • If you plan to carry batteries with you, it’s always best to keep them in a case. This prevents them from coming into contact with other items in your pocket. You never want vape batteries to touch keys, coins or similar objects in your pocket, purse or other location.
  • When you buy a car or other big-ticket item, you may research various brands available before choosing the one you want. If you do the same before buying a vaping device, it may prompt you to purchase one with special safety features, such as those with mechanisms to protect the devices from overcharging.
  • Even if your phone or tablet charger fits into your vaping device, it’s always best to avoid using any charger other than the specific one that came with your device or a replacement meant for your device.
  • Always immediately replace damages batteries as well as those that happen to get wet.

Most people who use vape devices in California or elsewhere may not know that it’s potentially dangerous to use old and new batteries together. If you have questions regarding which batteries work best for your particular device or what the latest recommendations for safety are, you can contact the manufacturer.

If you suffer injury because a vape battery explodes in your pocket or some other vaping mishap occurs that you believe happened because of poor design or another device flaw, you can reach out for support from someone well versed in personal injury law to seek appropriate restitution.

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