After a car crash, a product liability lawsuit may be an option

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Previous posts on this blog have discussed how, sometimes, a traffic accident in the Los Angeles area is not so much the fault of either driver as it is the fault of the vehicle itself. Motorists count on their vehicles functioning correctly, and when they fail due to a manufacturing or design defect, it can leave a driver suddenly unable to prevent a collision. In other cases, a flaw in the vehicle, or one of its component parts, can aggravate the injuries a Southern California victim suffers after an accident. Such was the case in the ongoing Takata airbag scandal this blog reported on recently.

After an auto accident, our law office can help victims file a lawsuit against and pursue compensation from auto manufacturers, as well as those who make the vehicles’ parts. We recognize that, under the law, car and part manufacturers have an obligation to plan ahead and design their products knowing that some motorists will get in to crashes from time to time. As such, we hold manufacturers accountable when their products do not do what they were designed to do.

With over 70 years of experience, we have handled many different types of product liability claims involving automobiles. Some of these cases have been quite complicated and involved extensive injuries from rollover crashes or roof collapses.

We work hard to respond to the strategies that manufacturers and their insurance companies might use to defend against a claim. And, we take the time to be sure our clients get the appropriate care and services that enable them to receive full compensation for their injuries.

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