Getting legal help after a bicycle accident

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A resident of the Los Angeles area who is involved in a significant bicycle accident is rarely if ever going to come out of the affair without significant injuries, particularly if the accident involves a collision with another vehicle.

This is because, even with the proper protective equipment, a bicyclist is still relatively unprotected and, given the size difference between bicycles and cars, is going to absorb the brunt of the impact in the event of a collision.

While it may be tempting for an injured bicyclist to just take the first deal offered to them, getting legal help after an accident can increase a bicyclist’s chances of getting all of the compensation the bicyclist needs following an accident, including compensation for ongoing medical expenses, lost wages and non-economic losses like pain and suffering.

There are a lot of ways our law office assists our clients who have been hurt in a bicycle accident. For one, when there is some issue as to fault, we investigate our client’s case fully, and we’ve been able in many cases to establish that our client, the injured bicyclist, was either in no way responsible for his or her injuries or, at worst, bears minimal blame.

On a related point, we can also help our clients identify other people, businesses, or, in some cases, government actors who are responsible for the accident. It helps our clients’ prospects of obtaining a full recovery for their injuries when all responsible parties are held accountable.

Finally, in our decades of experience, we’ve come to learn how insurance companies may from time to time try to avoid paying as much by suggesting that our clients’ injuries aren’t that serious and won’t require a lot of ongoing treatment. We’ve developed techniques to prevent our clients’ damages from being minimized.

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