We work to hold distracted truckers accountable

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A previous post on this blog talked about how large trucks require a lot of extra stopping time. Because of this, it is essential that truck drivers pay constant attention to the road in front of them and also their surroundings more generally. If they do not do so, then they waste the valuable seconds they need to stop in the event of a sudden change in circumstances and thus avoid a disaster.

Unfortunately, many truckers choose to take the risk of talking on their cell phone or engaging in some other behavior that takes their minds and, in some cases, eyes off of the road. Even relatively innocent behavior, such as turning to look at something along the road or even reaching for a bite to eat, can take just enough time to cause a crash.

These sorts of accidents involving distracted truck drivers are preventable, and the victims of these accidents should be able to get the financial help they need from the truck drivers and trucking companies who are at fault for the accident.

In order to make sure that they get the compensation they need and deserve, however, victims should strongly consider getting an experienced attorney, like the professionals at our law office, to help. We have successfully represented victims of distracted truck drivers many times over the course of our 60 years of combined legal experience.

Before the victim of a Los Angeles area or Orange County truck accident chooses to speak with an insurance company themselves, they should strongly consider speaking with one of our legal professionals so they can evaluate and understand all of their options.

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