Truck jackknifes are preventable

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As Orange County residents are probably aware already, the highways or Cosa Mesa and the greater Los Angeles area are full of large trucks carrying goods throughout California as well as from other parts of the country in to this state.

While this blog has discussed on previous occasions how important it is for truck drivers to be alert and watch out for other motorists, it is equally important for them to do what they need to do in order to maintain control over their truck.

When they do not do so, a truck can jackknife, meaning the trailer will sweep to and fro on the road, taking nearby vehicles with it. Of course, this can result in a fatal truck accident or, even if everyone survives, an accident where someone gets seriously hurt or even permanently disabled.

Truck jackknifing is preventable, as the main cause of it is a truck’s losing traction on the road and starting to skid. Just like those operating a car, drivers need to pay attention to the road so they can avoid unsafe emergency stops and have plenty of time to hit the brakes. They should be particularly careful about braking too hard or too fast when it is raining or snowing or when the road is otherwise slippery. They also must anticipate curves and avoid coming up on them while driving too fast.

On a related point, a light load which is not properly secured or distributed can also contribute to jackknifing, so truck drivers need to make sure that what they are carrying in their trailers has been correctly loaded.

Truck drivers and the trucking companies that employ them can do a lot to prevent their vehicles from jackknifing and causing other motorist to suffer severe injuries. When they do not do what they can to prevent these types of accidents, victims could be eligible to receive compensation from them to make up for their losses.

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