We represent parents after children are hurt by defective toys

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A previous post on this blog talked about some recently marketed toys that at least one watchdog group dubbed as particularly dangerous for children.

Whether it was because of an inadequate or unclear warning or some sort of fundamental flaw in the toy itself, all of the toys on this list had the potential to leave well-meaning parents sorely regretting the decision to buy those toys. After all, no parent wants to see their child hurt or even killed because of a toy they purchased out of love for them.

It is important for parents to remember though that, while it is always a good idea for them to be vigilant about what they buy for their kids, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to market only those toys that are safe. When manufacturers do not do this, even if they took reasonable steps to do so, they can be held financially accountable.

As part of our California product liability practice, our Orange County attorneys are equipped to represent the parents of children who get hurt by dangerous toys.

In our over 70 years’ experience between our attorneys, we have come to recognize how manufacturers and their insurance companies might try to stop a product liability claim about a dangerous toy, perhaps even by blaming the child or the parent for the accident. We know how to respond to these defenses, and we will consistently remind judges and juries that manufacturers are, legally speaking, strictly liable for any defective products they put on the market.

We will also work hard to make sure that our clients get all of the compensation they deserve. While no amount of money can undo the damage done, it can be very helpful in covering medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

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