When might a truck driver cause a truck accident?

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Orange County residents probably know intuitively that truck accidents are serious and potentially deadly affairs. Whether an accident involving a tractor-trailer is caused by speeding, an overloaded truck or some other reason, the end result is almost always significant property damage and, in many cases, serious injuries. This is because trucks are so much bigger than the other cars with which they share the road.

Sometimes, truck drivers get in to accidents either because they did not have proper training for operating their vehicles or chose to ignore that training. While truck drivers are supposed to have extra training before getting behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle, sometimes their education is lacking. When the driver does not understand how to operate the vehicles correctly or how to avoid accidents, the driver is more prone to wrecking his or her truck. Even if this lack of training is not the driver’s fault, it is still his or her responsibility to know how to drive a large truck with care.

On the other hand, many drivers know how to operate their vehicles safely but choose not to do so. Sometimes, this is because they get paid more to travel at high speeds and for long hours, even when doing so is not safe. Companies sometimes even put pressure on their drivers, sometimes not so subtly, to rush their deliveries even if doing so is risky.

Truck accidents often cause serious personal injuries to other people. They are also preventable when truck drivers and their employers focus on safety instead of profit. When truckers do not do what they reasonably can to prevent accidents, their victims may want to learn more about whether they can seek compensation from them.

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