Common bicycle versus car accident scenarios

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Many people in Orange County and the rest of Orange County love to ride their bicycles, even in the cooler winter months. What bike riders should understand, though, is that there are many hazards one faces when riding a bike, and one of the most serious ones is the chance that another car will hit the cyclist.

Even if a cyclist is wearing a helmet, bicyclists who are hit by automobiles face a real possibility of suffering a serious injury as a result, assuming of course they survive the accident at all. The sad thing is that, with respect to all of the common types of bicycle collisions, an automobile driver can prevent them so long as that driver is taking care to watch where he or she is going.

For instance, one common accident involving a car and bike is when a car makes a left turn in to a cyclist. Usually, this happens when the driver of the car did not see the cyclist and thus made the turn right in to the cyclist’s path. Cars also frequently hit bicyclists as the car driver is trying to pull out of a parking lot adjacent to a road. At other times, drivers of cars simply plow in to the rear of a bicyclist, usually because they were not aware the bicyclist was in front of them.

Of course, there are ways bicyclists can prevent these accidents, as one never wants to get seriously hurt while riding their bike. Still, it is ultimately the driver of a car who must take care that they notice bicyclists and give them the same respect and rights as they would the driver of another automobile. If they do not do so and hurt a bicyclist, that bicyclist may want to pursue compensation.

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