When cars and bicycles collide: Tips for CA cyclists

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People choose to bike around town for a variety of reasons. Being able to exercise while in transit and having fewer constraints concerning traffic could be high on your list of advantages in cycling, but there are also risks.

Bicyclists stand little chance of holding their own in a collision involving a car or truck. Because bicycle accidents often prove devastating for riders, it’s important to understand the hazards you may face as a cyclist.

Safety concerns for California bicyclists

You undoubtedly want to do what you can to avoid a potential disaster, and the following matters are important to consider before getting on the road:

  • Traffic laws: Cyclists and drivers follow the same traffic laws, and having a complete understanding of the rules of the road is a step in the right direction.
  • Intersections: Intersections are a hot spot for collisions of any kind, but they can be especially hazardous for cyclists. It is therefore crucial to take time to look in all directions and signal properly before proceeding through an intersection.
  • Awareness: For cyclists, awareness is imperative, as being aware of vehicles and obstacles nearby could help you identify a potential hazard in time to avoid a collision.
  • Visibility: As a cyclist, taking measures to increase your visibility can help drivers notice you. This can include wearing bright-colored clothing and ensuring that you equip your bike with the necessary reflectors.

Following the rules of the road can go a long way in reducing the risk of an accident. However, you cannot control the actions of others. If a car hits you while you are out riding, chances are you will suffer some kind of injury.

What comes next?

Bicycle accidents can be life-changing, and if the negligent actions of another party cause you to suffer serious harm, it is important to know your options for obtaining full and fair compensation. For more on that, please see our bicycle and pedestrian accident overview.

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