Whiplash injuries can cause chronic pain for victims

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A variety of serious injuries can be suffered in car accidents and motorcycle accidents. Neck injuries are, unfortunately, common in car and motorcycle accidents, and whiplash is a type of neck injury commonly suffered. Whiplash injuries can be suffered in different types of accidents including front-impact accidents, side-impact accidents and rear-end accidents. Because there are a million rear-end accidents each year, the impact of whiplash injuries can be significant on the lives of victims.

Approximately 20 to 30 percent of whiplash injuries become chronic injuries and can lead to long-term pain and consequences for victims. As a result, it is important to recognize whiplash injuries and to closely monitor whiplash injuries, as they may also not be immediately evident. It is also important for victims of whiplash injuries to obtain the medical care and treatment they need. In addition to the physical injuries victims may suffer, they may also incur medical expenses to treat their whiplash injuries and may require ongoing treatment and care.

Personal injury legal options can help victims who have been harmed by a negligent driver in a car or motorcycle accident obtain damages for medical expenses, future medical care costs in some instances, lost wages for while they are unable to work because of their injuries and pain and suffering damages for the emotional harm victims may suffer in a car or motorcycle accident. There may be many symptoms associated with whiplash injuries including headaches; dizziness; numbness, tingling or weakness; visual disturbances; jaw pain; shoulder, neck and arm pain; nausea and vomiting, as well as emotional changes.

Serious injuries are not uncommon in car accidents and motorcycle accidents which is why the legal process provides recourse for victims of a negligent driver to recover compensation for their damages. Victims may wish to explore what options are available to victims of a car accident, motorcycle accident or whiplash or other injuries to determine the options that are available to help them.

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