The dangers of distracted driving

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Distracted driving is a dangerous problem that can cause injuries and cost lives, as it can result in motorcycle, car, and truck accidents that can have devastating consequences. Distracted driving includes any activity that removes a driver’s attention from the roadway and can include texting while driving, eating, and engaging with others inside the vehicle’s cabin.

Texting while driving is particularly serious because it involves all three types of distracted driving behaviors by removing the driver’s eyes, hands, and focus from the roadway. Far too many motorists engage in this risky behavior with little thought about how they are putting themselves and others in danger. Sadly, public service announcements and anti-texting laws have failed to satisfactorily curtain texting and driving as well as the serious harm that it causes.

distracted driver who has harmed victims because of careless and negligent behavior may be liable to compensate victims for the damages those victims suffer. Violation of distracted driving laws can be used as evidence that a motorist was negligent in a claim to recover damages resulting from a distracted driving accident. Succeeding on one of these claims can be critically important, as the compensation recovered may help pay medical expenses, recoup lost wages, and ease pain and suffering. This financial relief can, in turn, allow a victim to focus on reclaiming his or her health and getting back to his or her normal life.

To increase their chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit, these victims need to know the law and how it applies to their unique situation. Failing to do so could result in a losing claim and a future that is fraught with financial challenges. Therefore, those victims who want accountability, compensation, and closure should think about discussing the matter with a qualified attorney who may be able to help them craft a strong case.

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