Manufacturer duties on warning labels to prevent accident, injury

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Have you ever noticed the little warning labels attached to consumer products? Product warnings accompany most, if not all, consumer products. Their purposes are two-fold and failure to warn against accident or misuse could mean a manufacturer is responsible for the resulting injury.

Manufacturers have a duty to their consumers to warn them against hidden dangers that may be present in a product. They are also utilized to instruct users how to use a product so that the users can avoid any dangers and use the product safely. If a manufacturer fails to do this they can be found liable for any injuries sustained in the accident.

An item warning should be clear and specific. It should also be placed in a location that the user can easily find. For example, many warning stickers are typically bright colors like orange, red or yellow, and have warnings and brief instructions written in large, easy to read letters, in clear or plain language. The goal of the warning is to ensure that every consumer can easily and quickly read and understand the inherent dangers. If a warning does not meet these or similar qualifications, the warning may not be written or placed correctly, which could cause personal injury.

If you believe a consumer product has insufficient warnings which resulted in your own or a loved one’s injury, it might be appropriate to pursue a products liability case. These situations can cause a lot of turmoil and upheaval in people’s lives. Those who are responsible can be held accountable.

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