Statistics of drunk driving accidents

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Unfortunately, not all drivers are safe when they get behind the wheel. Even though motorists in California are aware of the rules of the road and what it takes to be a safe driver, various types of negligence and recklessness can occur. One serious type of reckless behavior is drunk driving. Such a situation does not only generate risks for the driver and his or her passengers but it also creates many serious dangers for other travelers on the roadways.

According to the bureau of transportation, a drunk driving accident occurs every two hours. Frequently, the consequences resulting from a drunk driving accident are arrests, property damage, injuries and deaths. According to recent statistics, roughly 4 million adults in the U.S. report that they have driven at least once under the influence of alcohol.

Based on reports from 2010, alcohol was involved in 2,020 pedestrian fatalities, 11,087 vehicle occupant fatalities and 209 bicycle fatalities. In addition to impairing drivers of motor vehicles, alcohol can also impair the judgment and the ability to safely operate a boat. In fact, 154 recreational boating fatalities occurred in 2010 because of alcohol involvement.

While enforcement through regulations and testing due to suspicions by law enforcement help deter and penalize drunk drivers, this unfortunately does not prevent such incidents from occurring. In fact, drivers still get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol at a surprising rate. Therefore, more and more victims are harmed and impacted by their negligence.

If investigation reveals that a drunk driver is the cause of a car crash, victims and the family member of victims might have recourses available. A personal injury claim or wrongful death suit could help victims or their loved one recover compensation for losses and damages.

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