Statistics and facts for bicycle accidents

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Going for a bike ride is not just a way for residents in California to enjoy a beautiful day outside. It is also an eco-friendly way to get around and a means of transportation utilized by many residents. While it is an effective mode of transportation, it is also one the carries with it many risks. Bicyclists travel in areas where motorists frequent; therefore, cyclists and motorists need to constantly be aware of one another in order to avoid a collision.

According to statistics by the National Highway and Traffic Administration, bicycle accidentsaccount for 2 percent of all traffic related deaths as well as 2 percent of all crash-related injuries in 2014. Based on this data, these fatal crashes were most likely to occur between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Additionally, these fatal collisions were most likely to occur in urban areas.

While cyclists can take safety measures to reduce the chances of an accident occurring and to help protect them from injuries in the event of an accident, it is also crucial that motorists take steps to travel safely around cyclists. In fact, motorists have a duty to uphold when they travel around bicyclists, and this goes beyond not driving too closely to them, not passing too closely or failing to yield to them.

Drivers owe cyclists the same duties they do other motorists when they are stopping at a light or sign, making a turn or traveling on a road. Thus, if a driver fails to uphold this duty and causes a bicycle accident, it may be possible to hold that driver accountable for any damages. A personal injury claim could help an injured victim seek compensation from a negligent driver for serious injuries and other damages suffered in a bike crash.

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