Protecting your rights following a bicycle crash

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It is not uncommon for residents in California to enjoy a nice stroll outside or a bike ride. While many of these ventures take place near roadways, there are frequently sidewalks and bike lanes to add safety and protection for these travelers. Despite efforts to increase safety for cyclists, motorists, unfortunately, still collide with them. While it is clear that bicyclists are well aware of the risks associated with bike riding, only so much can be done to protect them from negligent or reckless drivers.

Due to their larger size and greater speed of travel, a collision with an automobile often leaves a biker with serious injuries that could be life threatening. The aftermath of a bicycle accident could be tragic, and an accident victim could suffer severe injuries and large medical expenses. At Easton & Easton, LLP, our experienced legal team is dedicated to protecting the rights of those injured in bike accidents.

With over 70 years of combined experience, we have a detailed knowledge of the applicable laws and the rights of cyclists in the state of California. Thus, we have the skills to assess the details of a bike crash, uncover pertinent evidence, and utilize expert witnesses to devise a strong plan of action. We have helped past client prove negligence, allowing them to recover necessary compensation to cover medical bills and other related losses and damages.

To learn more, please consider visiting our law firm’s bike accident website. Bike riders are afforded certain rights, and our law firm has experience working for those injured in bicycle accidents.

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